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Senior Year

May 16, 2022

Senior year. The final chapter of college. It’s not only a time to get excited about the next chapter in life, but a time to reflect on the previous three years. And wonder how time can go so slow yet feel like you blinked and now it’s almost over. Senior year. The end of an era. But not the end for this group of ladies. Their friendship is inspiring, and their personalities blend together like a beautiful painting. These ladies are in it together for the laugh haul. And I’m so thankful I was there to capture some of it.

The laughter is infectious.

Every time I do a Penn State group senior session, I walk away feeling energized. And like I’m in college again. They are constantly telling each other how gorgeous everyone looks, and they speak with such encouragement. It makes sense why they wanted to create senior memories with each other. It was evident to me in a very short period of time how they all connect together so effortlessly. Senior year. They finally made it, together, and with the help and love of each other.

There is always a line at the ‘Penn State University’ sign. And while that can be annoying, I kind of love it because I get to really talk to the people that I’m with. I learn about their majors and what their future plans are. These ladies have bright futures ahead, and I’m so excited for them!

Taylor, thank you so much for reaching out to me on behalf of your group of friends! You ladies are gorgeous and so much fun to be with. I wish you all a life of adventure and fun challenges. You are going to change the world, and I’m very excited for each of you.

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