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A Couple’s Session for the Win

May 17, 2022

There is something sweet about a couple’s session. Maybe it’s the spark. Or maybe it’s the organic laughter and smiles shared between two people. Add in a couple who is graduating college together, and it’s pure magic. The wonder of what the future holds coupled with memories of shared milestones together is captivating. I love everything about it! It was a couple’s session (and senior) for the books.

Not only did I see Taylor once, but I got to see her twice.

I was so excited to see two beautiful familiar faces. Taylor and Julia are roommates. And best friends. Taking pictures of them together was like taking pictures of Monica and Rachel from Friends. It was beautiful. The way they laughed at each other and so effortlessly posed together made my job so fun and easy! Grant, Julia’s boyfriend, was the reason Julia wanted pictures a second time. I am so thankful that they reached out to me because it was pure joy.

Grant and Julia compliment each other so well. Grant has this laid-back and carefree vibe which goes perfectly with Julia’s sweet and kind personality. When they were together, it was kind of like a movie. Time seemed to stand still and nothing around us seemed to matter. The pictures together were quiet and peaceful. I don’t know what the future holds for them, but I know that right now the love between them is going wonderful places.

Congratulations to you all on your graduation! I wish you all a wonderful next chapter filled with excitement. Happy Valley will miss you!

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