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College Graduate

June 15, 2022

College graduation. It is such a bittersweet time. While yes, you look forward to the next chapter in a career, I found myself looking back and missing the adventure that was college. The freedom. And the few responsibilities. However, Melissa is welcoming the next chapter with open arms. She has every reason to be proud of her many accomplishments at Penn State. But she’s closing this door with excitement and walking into the next one with even more.

Dogs should be at every session.

We have two dogs so I understand the importance of pictures with them. They’re family. But Timmy really impressed me. A dog that listens so well is foreign to me! But Timmy sat so patiently while we took pictures of Melissa, and he came immediately when he was called. It’s no wonder why Melissa loves him so much. Timmy is Melissa’s support dog. And I totally get it. His sweet disposition and loving personality could help anyone! When Melissa asked if she could have some pictures with him, I immediately responded with yes please! Dogs are always welcome!

My time with Melissa was perfect. Everything was laid back and relaxed. We enjoyed laughable conversations as we traveled around Penn State’s campus. She is going to do exceedingly incredible things in this life. Melissa is driven and motivated to be her best. And that is what is going to carry her far in her career as a teacher. That plus her love for people and adventurous spirit.

Melissa, I am so thankful to have met you! Congratulations on your college graduation. I had an awesome time with you, and I wish you so much success in your career. You’re going to make a great teacher!

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