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The Warmest Place

July 5, 2022

I was immediately welcomed with warm smiles. Mandy and Blaine made me feel right at home. Mandy was finishing feeding Gabriel, so we had a chance to just sit and chat. It was pretty amazing, actually. Immediately, I felt like I had known them for a long time. The conversation was surrounded by kindness and compassion. It became evident to me within the first five minutes of being in their adorable home, that Mandy and Blaine have pure hearts of gold and Gabriel is loved far beyond anything anyone can fathom. It was the warmest place to be. And the sweetest.

Gabriel is the sweetest.

He was awake for most of the session which was perfectly fine by me. I loved getting to look into his beautiful blue eyes. Gabriel was so alert and curious. I loved watching his sweet face as he looked around. But when he looked at his mom, I could physically feel a sense of peace. But watching the three of them together, made my soul sing. It was like a perfect harmony of beauty and peace. There is no shortage of love in that house. And I think anyone who knows them would agree.

I love watching moms with their babies and then dads with their babies. There is something so organic about the smiles and the way they look at their sweet little ones. It is always seems to be a look of wonder. I loved listening to the stories about their jobs, their families, and how darn Covid changed things for their wedding. But things ended up so much sweeter than anyone could imagine!

Mandy, I am so thankful that you reached out to me! Your family is absolutely precious, and I am so excited for you all as you embark on such a fun new adventure! Congratulations and I hope to see you all again soon!

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