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Time Stands Still

July 6, 2022

Energy was at an all-time high. Laughter consumed our time together. But what is time? It’s an on-going irreversible existence that some would say goes too fast. But when you have a love like Mariele and Diego, it’s almost as though time stands still. They are so engulfed in the moment and totally wrapped up in each other. And it’s perfect. Time spent with them is beautiful because their love is overflowing. For each other, and for others. But they have a mutual amazing love for Jesus.

It was the perfect evening.

We met at Calvary Harvest Fields which was actually the perfect location for their engagement session. Mariele was the leader of a project called Communitree through the Awesome Foundation. For this project they put up wooden posts with hooks where anyone can go and hook their hammocks up and just relax either by themselves in nature, or with the company of friends. With such a fast-paced world we’re living in, this idea of Marieles is a wonderful gift to the community. She has a pure heart of gold, and it is no wonder why Diego fell so in love with her.

Their love story begins in a coffee shop. I know, that’s like straight from a Hallmark movie! But Diego saw Mariele there with her friends when he approached her to chat. However, it took a second time at the coffee shop for them to spend hours there together with friends just talking about life and Jesus. The love story of Mariele and Diego unfolded from there.

Diego compliments Mariele.

And I don’t mean verbally (although he does do that too). But I mean he fits together with her like a masterpiece puzzle. The way they look at each other and so naturally fit perfectly into each other’s arms, is humbling to be in the presence of. It is a love that will stand the test of time. And it’s a love hand-crafted by God as an example of how beautiful a life with Him can be.

Mariele and Diego, I am so thankful for you! I wish you the best and most beautiful wedding day ever. I can’t wait to see all the adventures you two go on. Congratulations on your engagement and soon to be wedding day!

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