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July 27, 2022

Every single time, magic happens. When we’re together, everything just gets lighter and more beautiful. The energy is high. And the love is all around. This family just keeps getting better. I’m so thankful to have met them so many years ago. And I’m thankful that they bless me with the opportunity to capture their family ever year. It was a beautiful summer evening. But as beautiful as they are.

The girls are getting so big.

And their personalities are truly shining. I loved watching them together because Phoebe just adores Willa. However, Willa just wanted to do her own thing. I loved watching her explore the sand and get a huge smile when Andrew and Thea were playing with the blanket. It’s the simple things in life what we often overlook, but its those simple things that hold such dear spots in our hearts and memory. Like Phoebe playing in the water. She got such a pure joy from splashing in the water at Calvary Harvest Fields. However, she did it dainty like a princess. But when she looked down in the water, she had this look of wonder in her eyes. A look that as a mom, I am so thankful that I was able to capture. It’s the look of such innocence that is so humbling and memorable.

And then there are the parents. I always love taking pictures of Andrew and Thea because that time is so organic. Their love is so evident. No matter how much chaos may be going on around us, they still lock eyes and fit so perfectly into each other’s arms. They make the perfect models, really! Magic happens with this family. And it is that magic that keeps me wanting to come back for more!

Thea, as always, thank you for reaching out to me! Your family is held so dear to my heart. I wish you a wonderful summer and I so look forward to seeing your family again soon.

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