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A Perfect Outdoor Session

July 28, 2022

I love outdoor newborn sessions. Not only are they designed to capture all the details of the little one, but they sort of morph into a family session as well. They are relaxed and easy. And so much fun! The personalities of each family member really shine when they’re outside and free. Especially the kids. This outdoor newborn session is stuck in my brain. Darzy wanted a rustic vibe, and among the trees was what came to mind. And being free outside is where the magic happens.  

Teddy was ideal.

He slept the whole time and made my job super easy. His little sleep smiles made my heart skip beats. And wrapped in a swaddle, he looked like so angelic. However, now being parent of two, I live for the pictures of babies and their parents because I know how cherished those moments are. I know how fast this time goes. And I do everything I can to stop that time and deliver a memory that will last forever. Darzy and Kendall looked so at peace when they were together with Teddy. The way they gazed at Teddy with such proud eyes, and the way they snuggled in together as a family was everything. But Kelisa was stealing the show.

She was so precious in her hand-made dress by Darzy. Unless she was with her mom or dad, every time I pointed the camera at her she sat down and said, “cheese.” Apparently, she needed to be sitting for her picture to be taken, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Kelisa’s innocence, as she explored the rocks and flowers, was such a humble reminder to stop. Slow down and just look around. Joy and excitement is everywhere, we just have to look. My time with this family was perfect. An outdoor session for them was the best, and I hope it’s not my last session with them!

Darzy, thank you for reaching out to me! Your family is so precious, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer and that I see you soon.  

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