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Always Better than Expected

August 11, 2022

I knew there would be laughter in the session before we even met. Kayla’s energy and enthusiasm was evident through back-and-forth online communication. She came with ideas. And a John Deere tractor that was passed down through generations. Deacon came with all smiles. And oh my goodness, did he look adorable in his denim overalls. I love first birthday sessions because I never know what to expect. But every time, the sessions far exceed any expectations. And this was no exception to that.

Kayla asked if they could bring their family dog.

Yes. The answer is always yes! Dogs are a part of your family and they deserve to get some love too. It was easy to see that Deacon loved his doggy-sibling. They were the cutest pair. But Deacon shined in the pictures by himself. He was so proud of and happy with his tractor. The tractor was used in his newborn pictures as well, so it was really fun to see the use of the tractor come full circle.

The pictures of the family together is where the magic happened. Deacon was pretty zoned in on the camera even though Kayla and Ryan were smothering him with kisses and tickles. When we got into the water, there was this overwhelming sense of peace. At first Deacon wasn’t too sure, but when he started splashing and picking up rocks, it was almost like time stopped. It was pure joy to watch him explore Spring Creek. However, watching the three of them together was the best. It humbly reminded me to stop and take in the moment because soon the moment will be a memory. A memory that we will wish to have back. These sessions are always better than expected. And this one was no exception to that.

Kayla, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Deacon is a sweetheart, and your family is adorable. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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