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Superhero Mom

August 16, 2022

Being a mom is hard. And being a PhD student is really hard. But being both a single mom and a PhD student is like super-hero work. Well Rachel is just that – a superhero. Her journey to get to this place wasn’t easy either. She did multiple rounds of Invitro Fertilization (IVF), and like so many other infertility families, poured her heart and soul into getting this adorable little miracle into the world. Honestly, the title of a superhero almost doesn’t do Rachel justice.

She came into the studio with her parents.

We connected over conversation about Tennessee. Her parents were so easy to talk to and enjoyable to be around. They left the studio though because Rachel wanted the session’s pictures to be a surprise for her parents. What a sweet idea! Rachel came with ideas, but she really just wanted newborn pictures to remember this sweet time in her life. Most importantly, she brought her saved covered syringes from all of the hard work it took to get Theodore into this world. As a family who struggled with infertility, I love this idea so much. It is such a miracle that these little ones are born. Life is such a gift.

And Theodore couldn’t have been more perfect. He slept the whole time. Seriously, he is an angel. We cruised through our session quite quickly. However, all in all, everything took a longer time because we spent most of our time chatting. Rachel is truly a remarkable person. Her journey in life the past couple of years hadn’t been easy. But here she is – killing it! She is navigating motherhood with happiness and optimism. And she is going through her PhD program with confidence. I admire her for her joy that she radiates.

Rachel, you are truly a superhero! Theodore is lucky to have you, and I wish you all the best of luck in everything that you do! I hope to see you again soon.     

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