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Full Circle

August 17, 2022

Everything comes full circle. At least for this beautiful family. Amy and Ben both went to Penn State. Then they had their engagement pictures at the Alumni Garden. And now they have Miles’ newborn pictures all taken at the same location. They had lived away for quite some time, but recently moved back, so these pictures were extra nostalgic. Now they get to share this beautiful location with their kiddos and create new memories. That’s a beautiful full circle of events. And I got to share this moment with them.

Maisie was full of energy.

So, chasing the many bunny rabbits at the garden was perfect for her. She was cracking me up. I could have watched her the whole time. The innocence of a child is always such a sweet, humble reminder to stop and have some fun. She was a professional at saying, “cheese” and by the end of the evening, ended up posing herself for pictures. She loved to move, as all little kids do, so we had some fun with jumping around and making silly faces. Silly or smiling, Maisie was the cutest little girl! And watching her sit with her new baby brother made my mom heart want to cry. It was so precious.

Amy and Ben are such sweet and interesting people. I loved hearing stories about their incredible jobs and how this whole location was a big full circle. Happy Valley is definitely happy to have them back! Watching them together with Miles was beautiful. The way they looked at him was so comforting, but the way they looked at each other was even better. It was like they were saying to each other (with their eyes), “We’re home.” So many memories wrapped up into one location. It was hard not to tear up thinking about how much of their major life moments that garden had seen. And Miles? Absolutely precious. He had some of the best baby facial expressions I’ve ever seen. His tiny personality was coming out and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Amy, thank you so much for reaching out! Happy Valley is so glad to have you back. Your family is beautiful and I’m so excited to see you all again this Fall.   

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