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Love and Grief

August 22, 2022

Grief. It’s a seamlessly never-ending feeling of one step forward and two steps back. It’s kind of like being hit in the stomach with a baseball bat; it takes your breath away. And it physically hurts. On the inside, it seems like an impossible thing to process, especially when it’s a parent, or someone so close to your heart. Their absence is a constant reminder of the life you spent with them. And now the life that is lost. You wish for the simple moments back (the ones we often take for granted) like chatting on the phone or laughing together at something so ridiculous. Grief. It’s something that on the outside, is hard to talk about. And it’s hard to find the right words to convey love and comfort to a friend or family member experiencing such pain.

But God.

He humbly reminds us that instead of mourning their loss on earth, we should be celebrating their gain in Heaven with Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, that mindset doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of time, crying and praying to get to that place. But this beautiful family is embracing the truth that they know and the peace that they find in Jesus. A month ago, they welcomed their sweetest new addition to their family – Kallie. She is an angel, and there is absolutely no shortage of love for her in their family. The arboretum was the perfect place to walk around, chat and take some beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. And thankfully, John got to meet and love on his precious granddaughter before he was called Home.

This family are sweet friends of ours. They will do anything for anyone, and they are raising their energized kiddos to do the same. It is without a doubt a family consumed by laughter and love. Our times together are hardly long enough, and this was no exception to that. I learned a lot about John, and I loved seeing Brittani’s mom and brother there for some sweet memories. They are the epitome of strength and grace. I admire them for their strength and for the peace that they radiate – knowing that John is resting in eternity with Jesus, but will forever be with them in spirt here on earth. Grief. It passes slowly. But love and memories will be carried on forever. Especially someone so love and so special as Pastor John.

Brittani and family, we love you! Sending you all of our love and prayers during the upcoming months and years. Thank you for your friendship!

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