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Senior Year

August 24, 2022

Senior year. What an exciting time in life! Yes, senior year can seem a bit overwhelming because at the end of the year you start a brand new chapter. But there is so much fun and anticipation that surrounds the year. It is a beautiful time of growth and change. A time to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself. It is a time to reflect back on your accomplishments thus far and get excited about all that you will accomplish in the years to come. Regardless of which path you choose, stay true to yourself, and stay humble. Because while it may seem like the end, senior year is merely just the beginning.

I was greeted with warm smiles.

Jacob and his mom showed up, clothes in one hand and guitar in the other. I knew in that moment it was going to be a really great evening. Who doesn’t love being serenaded with music while they’re taking pictures? The one thing I love about senior sessions is how long they can take because I love chatting and getting to know the family. Jacob is such a unique, well-rounded and smart (really smart) young man! He loves the outdoors, being physically active, all things science and computer programming and reading


It makes perfect sense why Jacob’s mom is so unbelievably proud of him! Not only is he kind, really smart and athletic, but he is a man for Jesus. I could have spent hours with Jacob and his mom. But the evening went by too fast. Jacob plans to attend college and study something within the biological sciences. And I have zero doubt in my mind that wherever he goes and whatever he does, he is going to do it extremely well and change the world for the better.

Becky and Jacob, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Jacob, I wish you the absolute best in your senior year. And get ready because the next chapter will be the sweetest yet! Good luck with everything and take care!

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