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All The Way From Texas

September 13, 2022

All the way from Texas. Kyle and Stephanie recently moved so Kyle can get his master’s degree. Kyle is in the Army, and the plan after grad school is to move to New York so Kyle can teach at West Point. Seriously, how cool is that? When chatting back and forth with Stephanie about a location, they both said they wanted trees. Where they were in Texas didn’t have a lot of them. So, trees we found! All the way from Texas. To live and start a new adventure as soon-to-be parents. And what a sweet adventure that is.

It is evident that Kyle is in the military.

When we let loose and did some fun walking pictures, Kyle walked so perfectly. His arms and legs moved like they were trained to walk in a perfect line. And let’s be honest, his body is trained to walk in perfect formation. We giggled at the fact that he was walking so perfectly, so we had to remind him to just let loose and have fun! Nothing here needs to be perfect. Kyle is so respectful and polite, and the way he looks at Stephanie makes my heart skip beats.

Stephanie is so sweet. She speaks softly, but her demeanor is one with confidence. I loved watching her look at her belly. The way she looked at it was so peaceful. It was a sweet little smile that spoke volumes about the excitement they felt about this little one entering the world. I loved getting to chat with Stephanie about their plans. And I love that I’m going to see them again and meet this little miracle in just a few short months.

Stephanie and Kyle, it was so wonderful meeting you and getting a small glimpse into your beautiful life. I hope you enjoy the rest of this really special time in your life. I had a wonderful morning with you, and I look forward to seeing you in a few short months.

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