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September 13, 2022

Artistic and creative. The way that Kelly described and talked about her daughter gave me such a vivid idea of who Austin was before we even met. She loves to paint. And she has such a unique and vibrant vibe. Kelly came to me with such grand ideas, outfits and “set-ups” for Austin’s senior session. She apologized for seeming, “over the top.” But honestly, it couldn’t have been more perfect. She came so planned and prepared with such beautiful ideas of how to portray Austin’s artistic, creative and bold personality. And the final result was fire!

I was skeptical at first about the location.

An abandoned barrens with graffiti and spray paint isn’t my go-to vibe. However, the location forced me to step out of my comfort zone with lighting and shadows. I will forever be grateful to Kelly and Austin for suggesting such an awesome location. And the bottom line is that the location was perfect for Austin. It was in her comfort zone and allowed her to get creative. And she was a total natural when it came to posing! She made my job so easy by doing everything effortlessly and perfectly.

Kelly’s planning made everything about this session go so smoothly. In addition to everything Austin needed, she came with snacks and bottled water. And a cold wet washcloth in case anyone got too hot. Seriously? She was the coolest. And Austin’s energy made the session everything that it was. She kept saying, “What about this pose over here.” And everything she suggested was ten times better than anything I could have come up with. I loved getting to spend so much time with this dynamic duo. Kelly and Austin’s mother-daughter relationship is such a breath of fresh air. It is so organic and loving. Supportive and encouraging. Everything that as a mom, I hope to have with my daughter.

Kelly and Austin, thank you so much for your beautiful suggestions and preparedness! I had so much fun with you all, and Austin, I wish you the best senior year! Make the most of every moment.

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  1. Kelly Bartley-Weber says:

    Oh Andrea – I am sitting here in tears!! I am still sharing with everyone how incredible this experience was and I can’t imagine sharing it with anyone but you! You helped make this one of my most cherished memories with my daughter. You took a girl, who can sometimes be the “odd gal out”, and let her shine! Her confidence that came through that day showed me how much she truly has art living and breathing inside her!! We are blessed to have shared this experience with you and I can’t wait for spring – I am going to book a mother-son-daughter session; but not to worry, it won’t be as elaborate as this one! Haha

  2. Austin says:

    Thank you so much for everything! I had a lot of fun that day, i was able to show off things i’m proud of and happy for that! Thank you again!!!
    (also if u ever need a model for some photos let me know lol)-sarcasm.*