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The Town Where I Grew Up

September 14, 2022

It’s a funny thing being back in the town where I grew up. Not only do I love being here, but I like when people recognize me from high school. Crazy, right? Whether or not we were close friends, I love reminiscing on the memories that seem like just yesterday, but really were so long ago. I love the town where I grew up; all the beauty and opportunities it has to offer. And I’m thankful that being here re-introduced me to Justine and now her beautiful family. This town really is the best.

I’m glad Justine recognized me.

And after we talked for 10 seconds, I quickly recognized her too. It’s a small town, but a great one. And now Justine and Kyle get to share this special town with their adorable newest addition. Callen has, hands down, the sweetest face. His little button nose. And his precious little pursed lips. His petite body from head to toe is perfectly hand-crafted. I couldn’t get enough of him. Watching Justine with Callen overflowed my heart with joy. I always love watching mamas with their little boys because it is just such a unique love. And Justine and Callen are obviously going to be an unstoppable duo.

But when Kyle is next to the two of them, the picture becomes complete. After talking with Kyle about all of his traveling experiences, I instantly became so excited thinking about the countless adventures they would go on as a family. Kyle and Justine so effortlessly fell into their new routine as parents. But it’s evident that they still fall so in love with each other as husband and wife. And that is the sweetest thing, ever.

Justine, thank you so much for reaching out to me! I’m so thankful to have been able to reconnect with you. It’s a sweet town we live in! I wish you all a wonderful new adventure filled with laughter, love and endless adventure!

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