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Precious Time

December 19, 2022

When Jenna said, “We just want simple pictures to remember this time,” I got so excited. Really because that’s exactly what this time is all about – remembering. Because let’s be honest, this time goes by too fast. Germs plagued our first scheduled session, but germs didn’t stop our second. And it was perfect. Theo and Liam were just as adorable as they were for the maternity session this summer. Jenna and Tyler were over the moon with their third little boy. And Wyatt was finally here and cuter than ever. This is surely a precious time to remember.

They could pass as triplets.

If triplets could be different ages of course. Theo, Liam and Wyatt are undeniably brothers. And to watch them together is so much fun. When I look at the boys all together, I can totally see the three of them, in the future, wrestling and having so much energized fun. But for now, they are innately gentle and sweet to their newest baby brother. They are siblings, so of course they will have their moments, but watching them is like watching three best friends. I envision a chaotic but endlessly entertaining and loving house full of laughter! The best kind of chaos.

Wyatt was perfect. He was awake and bright eyed for the first half of the session, and asleep for the second. His tiny hands in Jenna’s serve as a humble reminder for me to stop. Be in the moment and enjoy each outburst, good or bad, the best you possibly can because time stops for no one. These moments are timeless and soon their tiny hands will grow into bigger hands. And it was obvious that Jenna and Tyler know this all too well. The way they held Wyatt and looked at him was as if to stop time and soak in every detail. The love they share with each other and for their kids was so refreshing to be in the presence of.

Jenna, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Your family is so entertaining, and I love how kind and loving you all are to each other. I love watching your family so effortlessly be themselves. It’s amazing! Congratulations on your newest addition and I hope to see you all again soon!

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