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Maternity Sessions

April 4, 2023

Maternity sessions are probably one of my favorite sessions to do. There is so much positive energy surrounding this time. But families can also come with a heavy heart. Their story leading up to this point may not be an easy one. I find that maternity sessions are a time filled with a whirlwind of emotions. Nervousness and fear. Excitement and awe. Imagination and anticipation. And I am there to try to capture them all because even the hardest memories shouldn’t be forgotten. No matter what the story there is grace and growth behind it. And for that, I cherish maternity sessions so deeply.

I’m so thankful for this sweet family.

Every time, every session just gets better. And the Penn State Alumni Garden was the perfect location for this sweet time. We’re very close to this family. So, watching their family grow fills my heart with overwhelming excitement. Taylor loved his mom so hard during this session. The kisses were endless. And I couldn’t get enough of it. Eyes filled with love, he looked at Kaly so dearly. And he looked at her belly with excited curiosity. His energy was perfect, and he was the star of the show. The snuggly pictures are my favorite. And he was there to deliver!

Watching Kaly and Tyler together is like watching a romantic comedy. It’s entertaining and heart-warming. They compliment each other so perfectly. And to all who know them, know how deeply they value their friends and family. Their journey up to this point has been met with unexpected heartbreak and challenges. But to see them now, on the other side of the dark cloud, is truly humbling. Their maternity session is a story of unshakable love and strength. And there is no doubt that this little bundle of joy is loved beyond words already.

Kaly and Tyler, I couldn’t be more excited for you as you get ready to welcome the newest addition to the family! He or she will be loved beyond words!  

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