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Unpredictable Weather

April 6, 2023

Winter and Spring in Central Pennsylvania can be rough. Unpredictable to say the least. So, when I have sessions after coming off a slow season, choosing a location that isn’t totally brown can be a challenge. And choosing outfits with the unpredictable weather can also be difficult. Especially for maternity sessions. But this family couldn’t have done better. The unpredictable forecast, which changed as frequently as a toddler changes their mind, actually worked in our favor. It led to snuggly pictures which are my favorite.

We chose Calvary Harvest Fields as our location.

Which worked perfectly. There was some color other than brown, and we loved walking around the property just chatting. Taking in the sweet moments as a soon-to-be family of four. Evie was not only absolutely adorable, but she followed directions like a champ! Especially now after having two of my own, I love taking pictures of kids. They are so authentic and honest. Their smiles are sincere. And I couldn’t possibly love it more when all they want to do is love on their parents. Evie was all about the snuggles. Both with her mom and dad and her new baby coming. Talk about precious.

Dominique and Stephen share a love that is honest. The dynamic of their family was so comfortable and relaxing. Our time together was easy because talking to them was like talking to old friends. I learned about what they did for work and what their plans are for the little one arriving soon. We endured the rain together and bonded over life as parents of two. But my heart melted when Evie picked a few rocks to hold, specifically giving me one because she wanted me to keep it. Well let me tell you. I still have it.

Dominique, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Your session was magical, and your family was so enjoyable! Thank you for enduring the unpredictable weather, and I can’t wait to see you again soon as a new family of four!

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