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Penn State Family Forever

May 20, 2020

There is something so sweet about this place. The small town of State College with the big university of Penn State. When you enter Penn State University, you enter a family. And you look forward to the day you graduate. All the hard work you put your whole heart into finally pays off. Then a new adventure begins. But for the 2020 Penn State graduates, and graduates all around the world, this year is the year of a pandemic. Life has changed dramatically, albeit hopefully temporary. But one thing remains the same; you will forever be a part of the Penn State family.

Hayley and Megan are so lively and fun to be around!

Hayley’s boisterous personality makes every interaction enjoyable! Her energy is contagious. Watching her pop champagne to celebrate this milestone was exciting for me! Also for Megan who was popping champagne right next to her. College roommates and friends from their home-town, these two were a dream to photograph.

We walked (but really drove) all around campus taking pictures. When they threw their navy blue caps in the air, you could feel the bittersweet emotions. The excitement of a new beginning. A new chapter in their life’s story. But sad how this chapter ended, unable to walk across the Bryce Jordan Center stage and receive their diplomas.

The State College community and Penn State family send all the graduates our love!

Yes, the last semester of college ended differently. And you didn’t graduate the way you wanted to. But the bottom line is you did it! You fought hard, you poured your soul into getting yourself to this point, and you graduated. Penn State will always be here. Hayley and Megan, I am so proud of you both and can’t wait for you to return to State College. Remember: We are…Penn State forever.


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