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Sorority Sisters for Life

July 16, 2020

There was so much energy. So much excitement! The girls from Kappa Delta are sisters for life. I felt that. The way they encouraged one another, helped each other and bore the heat together for graduation pictures was amazing! I always thought sorority sisters had a unique connection. However, now I know my assumptions were correct; they are bonded together better than glue, and not just during the four years they spend together in college. But they are bonded as a family for life.

Each person brought with them a unique story.

A special vibe. Their personalities and enthusiasm blended together like a beautiful canvas. Bright and refreshing. As we walked around campus, it was fun to hear their stories. Their plans for summer. What was happening next in their lives. It was obvious that these girls had been through a lot together. And that their memories together were not ending now.

These girls were naturals behind the camera! Not only did they all look like models, but they knew exactly how to pose themselves. It was effortless and a photographer’s dream! When they arrived at our last “stop” with champagne, I knew the magic was about to really happen. They wanted to celebrate. And they have every reason to do just that! The looks on their faces when they popped their champagne and said, “We did it,” was timeless. So much excitement and pride. These girls worked hard to reach their goals. However, their dreams are merely just beginning!

To the girls at Kappa Delta, I congratulate you on your hard-earned diploma from Penn State University! You persevered. And although your last semester of college was less-than-stellar due to the pandemic, you still graduated with your friends and family by your side. I celebrate you and wish you all the biggest “good luck” I can give on your next adventure. May you always look forward, reach your dreams and know you can do anything you set your mind and heart to!

And of course…WE ARE!  


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