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Once In A Lifetime Adventure

July 29, 2020

It is an adventure of a lifetime! Becoming a parent, that is. It was all smiles when we got out of our cars. Leah and Jeff were excited for pictures of their newest addition. And I was beyond excited to take them! Roxas was taken out of the car seat perfectly asleep. So content and happy in Leah’s arms. As we talked about his entrance into this world, I felt my heart burst with excitement for them! So many new adventures were about to begin. However, the best adventure of all had already begun.

Roxas just wanted to eat and be held.

But those made for the best moments! Watching them snuggle up as a family was so beautiful. Leah and Jeff looked at each other with such tenderness. And they both looked at Roxas with warmth and wonder. They made parenting look easy!

The scenery at the General Potter Farm was perfect for our morning session. Leah and Jeff were so flexible and willing to walk all over the property! We stopped often so Leah could feed Roxas, but it was so nice! It forced us to take a break and just talk. I learned how they met and how they ended up just outside of State College. I was able to get a glimpse of who they really are. And oh my goodness are they the sweetest people! But my favorite part is that it I got to spend a quality two hours with this beautiful family.

Leah and Jeff, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Roxas is such a sweet little boy; I could have stared at him all day! You guys are so blessed, and I’m so excited for your family as you embark on so many new adventures as a family of three. I really hope to see your family again soon!


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