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Life’s Best Changes

August 31, 2020

From the second they are born, life as you know it changes. You add some crazy into your life. But you add a lot of new adventure, and more love than you could ever imagine. You want time to both speed up and freeze. Speed through the exhaustion and initial anxiety. But freeze so you never miss a single detail or moment. I look back on that stage fondly. It’s one of the best changes. However, watching friends currently experiencing that joy, makes my heart skip extra beats!

Navigating being a parent, especially a new parent, is difficult during a global pandemic.

However, Meghan and Steve are totally rocking it! They welcomed me into their beautiful home, and everything was natural and perfect. The nursery looked like it came straight from an Etsy Catalogue, if those existed. The details from the mobile hanging on the ceiling to the pillows on the chair was beautifully thought out. The personalized crib sheets that match the changing mattress sheet and swaddle was unbelievable! Honestly, I’m not surprised by any of it though. That is Meghan. A woman who has a magical ability to create beauty wherever she is.

We have known Meghan and Steve for a few years, and it has been such a blessing having them as friends. Their hearts are genuine. And you never see either one of them without a smile. But now as parents their smiles seem to have gotten a little bit bigger. The way they shared quick glances at each other was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Smiling at each other as if to say, “I love you more now than ever.” However, their smiles at each other pales in comparison to how they looked at Tessa.

It was a look of pure joy. A joy that they’ve been waiting to experience for years. Tessa is finally here, and oh my goodness is she perfect. So alert and happy. They way her little cheek would dimple when she smiled in her sleep was enough to turn me into a puddle! I would venture to say that Otto, their sweet dog, loves her so much as well. Watching them as a family of four is so fun, and I can’t think of a couple who deserve more happiness than them!

Meghan and Steve, thank you so much for inviting me into your home during this crazy time! I loved every second of being there, and I wish you all nothing but the absolute best. You guys are so special to us, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you all soon!


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