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Flowers and Lace

August 4, 2021

The lace was perfect. The location in Boalsburg is a personal favorite. And the outfit choices for Tessa melted my heart. I can’t get enough of this sweet family, and not only am I thankful for their friendship, but I’m thankful that I get to continue to watch their family grow. Tessa will soon turn one. And her first trip around the sun has been a total adventure. She is such a smiley, sweet and happy one year old. A total joy to be around. But I understand why – her parents have such genuine hearts, and they are so much fun to spend time with!

Meghan and Steve are extremely patient!

My husband, Bruce, came with me to help set up the lace backdrop. So, by default, so did our three-year old son. At the end of the session, Grayson was standing behind me, hugging me, trying to make Tessa laugh by making funny faces. All I can say is, thank God we’ve known Meghan and Steve for a few years and we’re friends with them! They know the chaos that is our family. But Grayson made it work! He had Tessa’s attention and she thought he was pretty funny.

And this girl’s love for cake is amazing. First birthday sessions are often hit or miss. Sometimes they are totally into the cake, and other times they want nothing to do with it. Thankfully, Tessa was totally into it! She concentrated so hard on her cake and was as happy as could be. She was so happy just sitting there, smiling and enjoying her first real birthday cake. And the look on Meghan and Steve’s face was everything. They had the biggest, most proudest parent smiles on their faces! It totally warmed my heart.

Meghan and Steve, thank you for being so patient! I can’t believe that sweet Tessa is already almost a year old. She is a total ray of sunshine, and I can’t wait to see where trip two around the sun takes you all!  

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