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An Hour of Energy

November 11, 2020

Non-stop movement. Endless energy. And a whole lot of love! It was the hour I needed on a beautiful Fall evening. Refreshing and energizing to say the least. But the best part was just watching the McCauley family be themselves. Minimal posing was required because they just so naturally snuggled in together as a family. Maggie and Arthur are amazing parents and the patience and love that radiated during the session is a testament to how beautiful their hearts truly are. It was the hour of energy that my heart needed.

Damian stole the show.

He ran around smiling. Actually, he smiled the entire time, but he had the largest smile when Maggie was loving up on him! It was evidence that smacked me in the face just how connected these two are. The way Maggie softly spoke to him and the way she looked at him made my boy-mom heart swoon! And Maggie was now a boy-mom times two! Oliver was born just two weeks before the session. His perfect little cheeks and adorable button nose left me wanting to take 100 pictures of just him. He was perfect the entire time! Never a peep. Watching Maggie and Arthur with their new family of four was everything I needed.

Circleville Park was the perfect location for this session. I always take the parents aside for a few pictures of just the two of them. I love watching the dynamic shift from parents to just husband and wife. The romance and emotion boosts. And the giggles get louder. So photographing Maggie and Arthur was beautiful. They fit so perfectly into each others arms and the smiles they had their faces were so natural and easy. Maggie actually giggled almost the entire time. And I loved every second of it! But the best part was watching them just stare softly at each other. Almost as if they were falling even more in love in that exact moment!

Thank you Maggie for reaching out to me! Your family was such a joy to be around, and I loved the opportunity to photograph them! Your boys are adorable, and I wish you and Arthur a heart full of love on the newest adventure with Oliver! I hope to see you all again soon.


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