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Family on Fire

October 24, 2022

The weather couldn’t have been better. There was warmth from the sun and a cool breeze. And the colors on the tree were looking like they were on fire. The McCauley family showed up with immediate smiles and energy. They were on fire. The love of their family sets a fire within me which serves as a humble reminder to be thankful for each and every day. The General Potter Farm was the perfect location for this wild family session. And I’m so thankful they chose me to capture the memories.

Life goes by too fast.

The last time I saw this family, Oliver was just born. Now he is a smiley ball of energy and laughter. And a little brother who adores his big brother, Damian. I swear all Oliver did was giggle. And it was the sweetest sound. He has changed so much in the two years since I’ve seen him. But watching their entire family, makes my heart skip beats. The patience that this family exhibits and the grace that they pour out for one another is unlike anything I’ve ever seen

Damian is in his own adventurous world. It is obvious that he and Arthur have so much fun together. All they did was play! And Damian and Maggie have such a uniquely tight bond. Damian smiled the whole time. Not always necessarily at me, but I never saw him not smiling. He is genuinely enjoying life and watching him be himself was such a joy for me. Their family dynamic has changed so much in two years. But it has changed in such a big and beautiful way that is humbling to all who have the blessing to spend time with them.

Maggie, thank you for reaching out to me! Your family is fantastic, and I adore watching the kiddos grow! You and Arthur are a force to be reckoned with and I’m humbled to watch your family get more beautiful every day!

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  1. Maggie McCauley says:

    We are beyond blessed to have found you. Thank you for helping our family glow. Your energy,patience and compassion make you an absolutely unbeatable choice for our energetic, sweet and incredibly chaotic little boys. I’m so grateful that we stumbled upon you and for everything you do. Thank you isn’t nearly enough but just the same THANK YOU.