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An Enjoyable Evening

December 6, 2020

Effortless and enjoyable. These are just two words that describe every time spent with the Coakley family. I feel like I’ve known them for so long. But the reality is that I first met them this summer when I took newborn pictures of Kashton. We talked about what was new since I had seen them last. And how much Kashton has grown. What was new with their jobs, and how life was going. It felt like old friends, honestly. And because of that, our time together feels effortless and enjoyable. Every time.

We met at Meriah’s family’s house.

They have a beautiful farm behind them where the light coming through the trees was absolutely stunning. However, Kashton’s smile is what made the night perfect! It may have been a mini session, but there was no shortage of smiles coming from that little cutie. The chilly weather didn’t bother him a bit. And he looked like a million bucks in his adorable Carhartt winter hat. I learned that playing peek-a-boo was key to the smiles. And believe me, I could have played that with him forever. He is such a happy and sweet little boy who has two parents who are amazing.

Dustin and Meriah always joke about not being photogenic. However, their pictures turn out perfect every time. They have such a sweet romance between them. And couple that with how much they adore Kashton – it is beyond incredible. They are a perfect family whom I am so blessed to have now photographed twice.

Meriah, thank you again so much for reaching out to me. Your family is totally adorable, and I always enjoy my time with you! I look forward to watching your family grow and seeing you again soon.


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