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Thankful Heart

December 19, 2022

We were back at Meriah’s parent’s house. And I was so thankful. It was the same place we took pictures of their family when Kashton was around six months old. It was cold. But their love as a family radiated heat. As soon as we walked out into the farm field, the memories came flooding back. Both times, the family came ready for snuggles and smiles. And it’s so fun to think that their family is about to grow by another sweet little boy. It sounds silly, but the farm field feels special to me. I don’t know if it’s just the beauty of a farm or if it’s the fact I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to watch Kashton grow from a newborn into a sweet, smiley and fun little boy. Whatever it is, I’m thankful for it.

Effortless is the best way to describe my time with them.

They so naturally fall into each other’s arms and smile with their whole hearts. Their family is strength and resilience. And when I take their pictures, I see every piece of that in the way Meriah and Dustin emulate love not only for each other, but for Kashton. It’s a love that is unmatched and desired by many. It’s pure. And I love being a witness to their energy. Kashton just smiles the whole time. And the cold doesn’t even seem to phase him. He is pure joy to photograph!

Meriah, I’m so thankful for your family. Your ability to be raw and vulnerable is humbling. I am so excited for all of you as you get ready to welcome another little boy to your family! I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

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