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First But Not The Last

February 18, 2021

It’s amazing how much kids change in their first trip around the sun. It’s filled with unending firsts! First words and steps. And first foods and drinks. Their noses change. And their personalities grow in the sweetest way. When you’re blessed with the ability to watch it all unfold, it’s really a humbling experience. Seeing the world through their innocent eyes really grounds us. I think so, anyway. It reminds us to stop and really take it all in. Every moment. But thankfully this wasn’t my first time with Mattis. And I pray it’s not my last!

I met this handsome guy when he was a new born.

And I’ve taken pictures of him and his family once since then. So seeing him now, running around and exploring the world, brought my heart pure joy. He looked so dapper in his buffalo plaid bowtie and black suspenders. Like they were made just for him. He was so smiley and happy! But he wasn’t super interested in his cake. He explored it a bit, and he tried to pick it up. But he was much more entertained by balloons and the cast-iron skillet. Regardless, he stole my heart every time he flashed by that big beautiful grin!

I get to know this family a little more each time we’re together. And each time it gets a little sweeter. There is always more firsts. And I’m so thankful it’s hasn’t been the last. Cortnie, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Your family is so special to me, and I’m so thankful that you keep coming back for me to capture more memories for you! I cherish those memories as well. I hope to see you soon.