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Kappa Delta Girls, Year Two

May 31, 2021

Here we are again. Another graduation year during a pandemic. However, this year is filled with a little more hope. A little more excitement. Senior year, once again, didn’t look the way that it was envisioned four years ago when these girls came to Penn State. But it’s ending in a way that they had hoped for; they’re ending it together on a high note! I forever hope to photograph the girls of Kappa Delta. There is so much energy and life. This is year number two with these lively girls. And I pray it’s not my last!

They all showed up looking like runway models.

Every dress was unique and beautiful. They were organized and had a plan. So it made my job as a photographer easy! It was a perfect Spring evening at Old Main with no one around but us. I could ear the excitement in their voices as they talked about graduation and future plans. Each of them individually was amazing to photograph. But photographing them as a group, as sisters, was where the magic happened. Their energy fed off of each other, and the laughter was non-stop. Popping champagne together was the perfect send off into graduation! And it was entertaining to watch! The best part was when they were done and they all did a “cheers” together. Several of the girls said, “We did it!” and “Cheers to us!” As the photographer watching it all unfold, all I could think about was, “Yes girls! Cheers to you!”

Ending at the Penn State University Sign and Beaver Stadium was perfect. They changed into more comfortable clothes walked over to the sign beaming with pride. It wasn’t easy, but they climbed on top of the sign and stood there with total happiness. The laughter was infectious as they tried to figure out the best way to get down. We ended our time together with casual conversation, and ending where we did was the best way to go out. The started at Penn State together, they ended at the Penn State University sign together. And they will have each other, forever.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2021 and to the girls of Kappa Delta! I wish you all a lifetime of happiness, adventure and success! And never forget: We Are!

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