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Big Hopes and Dreams

April 11, 2022

These are the moments you work for. When you go to college, you often enter with hopes and dreams. And a lot of excitement. Jenna has worked hard. Really hard. She wants a career where she can help people, and I think her major in Biobehavioral Health will help her achieve those dreams. I learned a lot about Jenna in our time together, and I’m excited to see where life takes her after graduation. Her dreams are far from over.

It was a chilly day for April.

But Jenna came dressed like a rock star. The cold didn’t seem to phase her, really. She was excited to take pictures and be able to reflect back on her time at Penn State University. Jenna is easy going, relaxed and relatable. She worked at her apartment complex this past summer, so we joked about how we love when the students are here, but we really love when the students are gone in the summer! State College just seems a little bit more home-town, and the parking downtown (on the street) is ideal! But there is definitely something to be said about when the students are in town. State College has life. It has energy and the students are truly enjoyable to spend time with.

I loved my time with Jenna. She has goals and dreams that are totally achievable because her positive attitude is everything. We talked about our families, my kids, and life in general, and it quickly became evident that Jenna has a heart filled with kindness and compassion. She is going to thrive in her next chapter of life!

Jenna, thank you so much for reaching out to me! I truly enjoyed our time together and getting to know you. You are a genuine soul, and I’m excited for you to graduate and begin your next adventure. Never stop chasing your dreams. Congratulations to you!

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