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A Family Of Smiles and Energy

June 3, 2021

I could have photographed this family for days. The smiles and energy that was brought to this session was captivating. And it was a special session for me because I’ve known Jenna for well over a decade. We grew up going to school together, we played Softball together and we have watched each other’s families grow. Now it’s time to grow again! Joy doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel for this family. It’s more like over-the-moon excitement! And I look forward to the time when I can see them again!

It was the perfect evening.

We have been trying to plan a family session for quite sometime; however, the weather was not working in our favor. But I’m so thankful that the timing worked out now rather than in the Fall. We met at the Nittany Lion Inn which was the perfect location. Jenna’s husband, Tony, is a Penn State Men’s Gymnastics coach, so meeting on campus just felt right. Jenna and Tony together are such a sight to see. The way they light up when they look at each other, and the way Tony makes Jenna laugh is something rare; it’s something I wish the world saw more of. It is real and unique. Because of that, I could photograph them forever!

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