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Two Infinity and Beyond

May 26, 2022

Two infinity and beyond. Sweet Kashton turned two. And his love for Buzz Lightyear shone in this family session. And his love for running! The Coakley family is always enjoyable for me because I’ve been with them since Kashton was born. Nothing makes me happier than watching families grow, and this family holds a special place in my heart. Two years we’ve been together now. And I’m excited for them to go beyond.

Beyond the normal limits.

This family is full of adventure and life. Joy and excitement for their future. Smiles and laughter fill these sessions. Kashton is a happy little boy who loves to run, so a lot of our time was spent capturing him on the move. However, the sweet moments with his mom and dad are where the magic happened. He loves his mom and dad and watching him with them fills my heart with so much happiness.

Meriah, thank you as always for reaching out to me. Your family is so cherished, and I’m so thankful to have met you and grown a friendship with you. Two is the magic year, and this year will be the sweetest! Kashton is a sweet boy, and I’m so excited for your family on this next adventure!

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